Virtual Event Management System

Welcome to Marian University Event Scheduling.

To browse for space click the browse button.
  • Browsing by Event allows you to see a daily list, weekly list, Monthly list, Weekly calendar or Monthly calendar view of events.  Click on the event to find the event details.
  • Browsing by Facilities allows you to look for rooms by room setup types or by room.  Click on the column headers to sort ascending or descending.
  • Browsing for Space allows you to see an hourly view of room activities. Set filter options by clicking the "Filter" link in the top right corner.  You can filter by date and  facility.

To filter your search, click on the filter button in the top right corner and choose filter parameters.

Welcome to Marian University Event Scheduling System.

To browse room availability select Browse for Space from the browse menu.

     To reserve rooms:

*All other requests, including spaces at ACMU - contact

Room Reservations
*Some room/space requests require additional approval prior to confirming your request.